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About US

SUN GEYSER : Heats water instantly to the temperature of your choice. NO more waiting patiently with a bucket at the geyser till the water is hot enough. A bucket full of water in just 6 to 8 minutes (Approx) SHOCK PROOF, so SAFE. EVEN YOUR Now with Safty Reset CHILD CAN OPERATE IT

SUN GEYSER is specially designed with extra safety features than any other water heating product. Snap action patented technology Automatic thermostate devise shutts off the geyser immediately after closing you tap. There is no risk of any electric shock and also power is not wasted. So, even your child can use it without any danger. 

CORROSION PROOF UNBREAKABLE BODY Specially formulated High technology engineering polimers are used for your SUN GEYSER to render it totally corrosion proof. Tested to withstand any temperature of hot water, Advanced German technology design helps to resist scale forming inside the geyser So now you got the hard water proof geyser. A product first time made in india.



About Us

With an expertise in the  Industry for more than years, Cascade was the first to introduce the Stainless Steel Water Heater in India. Ever since its inception, Cascade has been the most 

What began 30 years ago as a utility gadget is today a symbol of beauty and elegance in the bathroom. Cascade's innovative outlook evolved this dull and drab product into a gadget of style and possession.

Cascade is representative of the pioneering spirit of the Indian water heater industry. the company that it has developed its range of world class products using fully Indigenous Technology, Raw Material and Talent. This is why  claims to understand Indian conditions better and wants to further address the needs of the water heater industry.



Our Products

We believe to provide our clients best products with full satifaction in affordable price. products we manufacture, we use best quality of equipments.

Products we deal in:

  • Instant water heater
  • Hot water Heater
  • Sun Instant Geyser



Why Us?

We are the manufacturer of various types of water heaters. The products we deal in, are the best and in affordable price, we try to deliver the products to the client, that must be of best quality. We are in the market and we know the want of the client so we try to provide them a feel while bathing, from our water heater. We make our water heaters by latest and advanced technology, so our products are truly shock free, easy to use, easy to install and power efficient.



Our Milestones

We Innovate for Consumer Delight. The important milestone in our journey is depicted in the below table:

1984:Introduced India's first stainless steel water heater.
1988:The first water heaters with multi-dimensional mounting facility.
1992:Stainless steel water heater in a wide array of colours – colours on stainless steel.
1993:The first gold range of water heaters to add a touch of class.

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